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In this video, I am fishing with my friends Stav and Liam!

We are at a super flooded URBAN creek, and we are using some huge bluegill as bait! We end up finding some MONSTERS in right under us in the urban structure !

check out Liam here: @AnimalBro



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  1. The poor fish I know everyone says they can’t feel pain but you can’t tell me the can’t feel fear if nothing else. Being kabobed onto a hook and dangled to be eaten by something else so that we can just let the something else go again. Not even to eat it. It just feels slightly disrespectful to the life of the one that was used as bait. I love watching these videos and I like to fish but I always catch to eat. Catch and release is just too cruel to me. I’m probably just being a baby about it I mean I cried once for a worm that I put on the hook. Guess I’m just not a killer lol.

  2. Great video and those cat's looked so much fun, especially on the young lad's (Liam) lighter kit. I'm not a fan of live bait fishing although I did it a lot on Ascension Island but I know how effective it is for predators. Maybe just my age and I have a different attitude. I'll probably live bate roach for some pike over the winter 😀

  3. If this ain’t fish abuse idk what it is than because this man had use a live fish a bait just to catch a fish and release it. I have to admit he seems good at what he does, but I just don’t get the part when he uses a live bluegill. If I am wrong please tell me I’m fairly new to fishing.

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