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It Took Me 30 Years To Learn This July Bass Fishing Trick..

Randy talks about a common mistake anglers make in the summer…#fishingdaily #bassmaster #angler #fish #fishinglife #bass #catchandrelease #fishingtrip #fishing #bassfishing #catchandrelease

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  1. I do agree with you on that Randy, but there are times when a popper or worm is worked slow. I will fish a spinnerbait by grass mats by allowing it to sink a little before I retrieve it, then crank it fast and let it fall again. Watch the line at that time, because they will often strike at that time. I have done that too many times to know. I do fish a spook fast when shad are busting the surface.

  2. Only thing this Video is missing are the Cry Babies in the Comments. You should have said “Forward Facing Sonar” or “LiveScope” just to get their panties in a bunch! Ha, ha.
    I enjoy my LiveScope but was raised to Respect the opinions of others.
    Be well.

  3. I want to pause, comment, and leave as usual, but I kinda not know what the video is about. Digging thru the comment section, I think it is retrieval speed. Perhaps it does take 30 years for some. For mi brother who swore by Megaass, it took him a short time. And I started him on jerks. I think he learned it from YT.

  4. I have success fishing a frog so that it is literally hopping out of the water very frantically, every fish weighs over 4 lbs it's like a hack. It'll wear your arm out though

  5. I found this a bit contradictory to your prior "Seasonal Bass Behavior" commentary in which you covered all the seasons. It was my understanding you said to "slow down" as you reach the summer months. This presentation seems to be a complete turn around – grind it, and stop. How do we reconcile these comments? Do them both and see which one works?

  6. Awesome tip, Mr. Randy, I think that is one place I struggle and summer I just keep using the same speed retrieve, thanks for waking me up. Keep up the great work.

  7. Triggering a bite,bass a predators, another thing I was shown many years ago is summer shade lines,where bass look from the shaded side out,using it for cover,like looking in a house at night from the outside in,hard to see out,it's been a go to when not much is working.

  8. Not in Florida. You have to fish slow … my 2 biggest bass have come when the bait was not even moving – one one top water and one on a stick bait. The faster you fish baits here the lass you will catch …

  9. What average temp does the thermocline become a thing? What about very shallow fisheries that are 2-4' on average with deepest hole no more than 8'?

  10. Good stuff Mr. B. Don't forget spinnerbaits, buzz baits, poppers. I think most folks don't realize their fast isn't a pro's fast. Yep, giving up the goods here.

  11. Appreciate it as always. I had a lot of success nearly stroking a “shakyjead.” (I put in quotes bc that was the rig, but I did t shake it. Had one reaction bite after hitting limb and 2 fish ate it while reeling it back to the boat. We don’t feel like moving fast in the heat, but they do. Always grateful for your tips, Randy!!

  12. I'm probably guilty of retrieving too slow. I always fished worms slow especially. Freshwater folks usually fish too slow in saltwater also because they're not used to the speed of the fish. You have to reel crazy fast for mackerel or bonito for instance.

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