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It STORMED All Day! Jon Boat Fishing Tournament (we got lucky)

Long time no see! Since the last video I posted I’ve been fishing different tournaments all over NC and VA. Finding time to edit has been hard, but now that things are slowing down I have a ton of new tournament videos coming your way. Hope you guys enjoyed the video, it was definitely a good day out there.

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  1. We all started watching your videos because of these jambo tournaments and you fall in off. I rarely see him I like to watch him cause. I live in California. We don't have musky pike anything else so when you make those videos I don't want them don't need to know how to catch them. Start making better jump out videos and you'll get more views

  2. Good video! This is Mike from the tournament this week! I got the text. I’m fishing in the Phoenix Tournament tomorrow morning haha I’m a rookie in the big ones. This will be interesting 😂

  3. This is awesome I got my first jon boat/bass boat a month ago and been watching some of your old videos lately. Glad you got some fresh content going again!

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