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Is This The FUTURE Of Texas Rigging Plastics For Bass? I Vote Yes!

This little change in terminal Tackle is revamping the future of Texas rigs for bass fishing! Turns out VMC also offers some along with Gamakatsu. I put the links to each below:

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1) Berkley Powerbait Crash Craw (Thumbnail Photo) –
2) Gamakatsu Superline Ringed EWG Hook –
3) VMC Heavy Duty Ringed Wide Gap Hooks –
4) VMC Ringed Wide Gap Hook –

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  1. I take the weight off the gika rig and fish like this. So I guess without actually buying the welded ring hook I inadvertently was doing this technique.

  2. My confidence search bait is an ultravibe speedworm on a 3/0 VMC ringed EWG hook behind a tungsten worm weight. The ring absolutely increases the action of a swimming worm. Rigged on a regular EWG hook, the body of the worm is relatively stable and only the tail wiggles. With the ring, however, the tail beats like always but the body of the worm wobbles and darts and rolls, adding a very significant secondary action. I don't know if I get more bites, since I usually can't find fish in the first place, but that worm sure does shimmy and shake. The ringed EWG hook certainly caught me. Additionally, if I happen to hook a fish, I'm more confident that I'm going to land it. I think the ring may make it harder for a fish to throw the hook since the weight, even though I usually peg it, is detached from the hook shank. It cannot apply any direct leverage against the hookshank with that ring in between. I can't prove it makes a difference, but I like the idea that it might.

  3. I've been doing this since long before the hook came out , when zman came out I thought how to make it easy for the bait to stand up. We have alot of mucky bottom here in Florida so a split ring worked great

  4. All the best for you Matt. Wish you a strong recover and lots of health, so you might keep fishing and sharing your knowledge for many and many years to come. I have two aunties struggling with Cancer, its hard but we got to stay positive and keep it under vigilance. I really like your channel and I always learn a lot with your videos. I´m from Portugal and I only fish from the bank , which I think is very different from fishing in a boat but I find a lot of good tips in your channel. About this subject, the ringed hook, I can tell you that here in Portugal I have seen people using it since like 10,12 years ago. Personally I have some hooks ringed that way and it really let´s the bait work freely than having the knot attached directly in the hook, it also gives a little more protection to the knot himself. Sorry for my English… Thanks for all your work and keep strong.

  5. Sorry for stalking this page, lol, just might have come up with another ringed hook mod…you probably already knew, hope I didn't spill the beans…tie on a drop shot leader to go from weightless TX to DS.

  6. Had to come back to this one, hard to keep track of how many ways there are to "simplify" my setup! Ringed hooks are not available locally, but Gika rigs are, just unclip the weight. I'm also going with the added split ring method. Maybe not as good, but I've got enough hooks that are already paid for

  7. I am a long-time Gamakatsu prostaffer and have been using the welded ring superline hook on the west oast since they came out. I am trying now to get them to do the same thing with several other style hooks in the G-Finesse series.

  8. So in the last few weeks I’ve been adding split rings to my trokar hooks and then adding a drop shot weight to the split ring and tying my line to the ring but this same idea with a billet weight is different
    It’s like a swinging swim jig with no skirt
    I’m down in GA

    I will try your setup but I’m going to paint the weight red and see what happens
    I’m going to

  9. Not a big VMC fan, but they had the welded ring first. That's why they were able to put that Tokyo rig out so fast because they were already producing the ringed EWGs, they just had had to add the wire. I got into the welded ring VMCs for flukes early on. Makes a big difference in the action and keeps the nose down a little bit.

  10. I think I will stick with the old school texas rig so I get a more firm hookset. I don't bind the sinker to the hook so it moves when I move it but I think I want the more solid hookset. I do appreciate the video though.

  11. Gambler super tubes for Flippin back in the day could be fished weightless pretty effectively. 5O ewg ring hook ! Would really put the icing on the cake .

  12. Hey Matt, we have been doing the same basic thing for a few years here in the mid west only with a football style swing head jig. We call em wobble heads. Definitely gets more strikes than a standard Texas rig set up, and they are great in heavy cover or open water. They work especially well on a mud bottom. I'm sure we aren't alone in this, but I can say I've never seen anyone else fish em. Thanks for all your videos. Always great info

  13. I believe the ringed hook is a solid ring ,and not a split ring.. I've had that braid slip right through the pinch at the top of hook. So I now it will walk through a splitring. I've lost lures using split rings.. Now they are tack welded the shut. . I haven't seen one of the knew Gamagatsu hooks yet myself, That would definitely make a huge difference . When it's tight up against the bottom of that mat, and you are jiglling that thing!! I bet it's flip flopping from side, to side! Great little trick right there.

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