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INSANE Topwater Bass Fishing at Lake Toho – The Kissimmee Chain

Insane topwater bass fishing at Lake Toho and the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. May is one of my favorite months for bass fishing on Central Florida’s West Lake Toho. I filmed this entire video in under 3 hours, and although not all of the fish are in the video, I ended the morning with over 20 bass and about a 23 lb. 5 fish limit. Most of my fish were caught on the Dual Pitch 94 from 13 Fishing on a shallow shell bed that was loaded with schools of shad. The topwater bite ended pretty quick and I was able to get my biggest fish of the day on a Junebug Pippin8’r, fishing a brush pile in about 6′ of water. These aren’t the only techniques currently working on the Kissimmee Chain. Just two days before this, while fishing a flat that was covered with bluegill beds, we lost one that was 9 – 10 lbs at the boat and caught a 7-4 on the very next cast.

Lures I caught them on:
13 Fishing Dual Pitch 94:
CPF Lures Junebug Pippin8’r:

Thanks for watching!
Chuck Pippin Jr.
Chuck Pippin Fishing, Inc.
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  1. I'm like you…I dont even attempt to take them hooks out by hand. Pliers every time. Been popped one too many times by them VMC's.

  2. That is a great day when they are busting all over and crushing topwater. Haven't seen any vids from Butler lately, have you been fishing it any?

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