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Im BACK!!! …(Small-Mouth BASS FISHING at “LAKE MERIDIAN!)After an injury!


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  1. Hey, just found your video awhile back about the Crabbing you did about 3 years ago off the pier. Thank you for that since have not really crabbed before and are planning on trying to do it down by Illwaco and the Long Beach Penninsela this summer. Had not seen the snare done either so that is really cool and have not bought one of those. At this point have the ring type and the cage type trap like you used in the video. Not sure if I can use those off Cape Disappointment but am planning on trying. Will let you know how it goes!

    Other then that, have had some back injuries through my life a couple times. Not fun. Just have to keep your spirits up and keep going and eventually it will be better! Great you are on the mend.

    Anyway, hope you also keep posting videos. I have just started a channel about 4 months ago and am learning about doing the videos etc! Very different subject matter but am getting a little better at editing, etc. and hopefully content presentation will improve as well since I think that is important. Any input you have would be great or tips. Have a third video I am working on to post also here soon. Not many followers yet or views, one did ok, but even if it makes a difference in one persons life, like yours just did in mine, that is all I care about.

    Other then that, love the videos! Also, any tips on Salmon fishing lures, bait, etc? We have gone a couple times on the upper Columbia and have had no luck. Also if you know of any good areas to fish around Long Beach or Illwaco for them on the Mouth of the Columbia. Any ideas would be great. And also what specific line you used for the crab snare trap on your fishing pole would be great also.

    Thanks a ton man, hope your back keeps improving, and keep up the good work!

    God Bless,


  2. Funny that WDFW doesn’t even list smallmouth as a species in that lake but tons of people confirmed they are there and now you’ve provided video evidence. I’ve been seeing monster largemouth around the dock and boat launch there but tough to catch ‘em. Need to get me a boat to get away from the high pressure areas.

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