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Ignore Oversized Squarebill’s…And Let Everyone Else Catch The Big Bass

Randy has a conversation around oversized Square bill Crankbaits…#fishingdaily #crankbait ##bassfishing #bass #fishing #catchandrelease #fishingtrip #fish #fishinglife #angler

Baitwrx link…

Blaukat old school jig link…


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  1. Video chock full of good info that can and should be applied across other techniques. Good straight forward info but some quality nuanced goodies woven thru your video.

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  3. I have a few Rick Clunn lucky craft oversize square bills i use this time of year with some success was wondering if maybe you had any advice on dealing with leaves in the water this time of year and I mean lots of leaves thanks

  4. Apologies ahead of time; this is a pet peeve of mine.
    It is a very common grammatical error to use an apostrophe when not needed.
    “Square bills”, here is a simple plural, not possessive or a contraction. No need for an apostrophe.

  5. I will be throwing some big square bills this spring in a very remote lake in the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota and I'm certain we're going to find some big ones!

  6. Remember the Rebel Maxi R? Biggest, fattest squarebill I've.ever seen. I've got one in firetiger that's been catching bass since 1979. I throw it on 17+ pound line because I don't want to lose it.

  7. I catch more fish both big and small on large squarebills! The only 5+ lb bass I've ever gotten to bite a crankbait was on a big squarebill. It's definitely my confidence when it comes to cranking here in NC!

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