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I Traveled 20+ Hours to this UNTAPPED Fishing Paradise! (EPIC)

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6th Sense Prawn ► Use “MF10” to SAVE


My Sunglasses ► Use “MF15” to SAVE

⬇ Drop Shot Set Up ⬇
Rod ► Use “MF10” to SAVE
Reel ► Use “MFER-10” to SAVE
Bait ► Use “MF10” to SAVE
Line ► Use “MFER-10” to SAVE
Tungsten Dropshot Weight ► Use “MF10” to SAVE


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  1. Wut up Ben, Slaw and Mfers 💥. Shout-out Slaw, good luck on your bow hunt!! My absolute favorite kind of hunting!! Ben, what in the hell is that stuff falling from the sky???? Seems like we used to get something similar to that here in Mont Belvieu Tx. 🤜🏻🤛🏻. Good shit as usual my dude! Keep us posted on how Stick Slinging Slaw does on his trip! 🙏🏼

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