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I thought I was going to get KICKED while BASS FISHING in Northern VIRGINIA

I was wading around in a northern Virginia stream for bass. I was absolutely happy with my catches for the day. Just had one of the weirdest experiences and close encounter with nature. Change your lures for success. #fishing #bassfishing #largemouthbassfishing #largemouth #bass #northernvirginia #northernvirginiafishing #nature #wildlife #deer #bluegill #yumbaits #panthermartin #vetofishing #summerfishing


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  1. Great job! Some really nice largemouth. Don't catch many of those in the creeks around here. Bluegill are fun to catch too. That deer didn't seem to care at all that you were there. That was crazy. Creeks are really low in my area too. Even with the recent rains, the water got a little muddy but not much higher.

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