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I Struck BASS Fishing GOLD – Biggest EVER… 3 PBs?! 🔱😱

Lure fishing for Bass at a new mark, and stumbling across some of the most INSANE fishing of my entire life. Big fish after big fish, I just can’t believe it! You wouldn’t think that in water this muddy fish can still take lures, but fishing is full of surprises. Especially bass fishing i’ve found. Really getting the taste for this now, and of all the types of fishing i’ve done I can say for sure that fishing for bass is the most addictive.

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  1. Great video! You've done a great service to those who think they can't catch in coloured water. If I was you I would forget the net, and beach your fish. I've beached hundreds of seatrout and salmon, much safer than trying to hold them in the current, and a net spooks them. I've seen countless fish lost at the net, and none I can remember being beached. They just swim to shore for you, and aren't harmed. Top marks for C&R with quality fish.

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