I Screwed Up Big Time At Kentucky Lake Last Week…And It Will Make You A Better Angler

 Randy talks about the mistakes he made last week at the Toyota Series tournament in Kentucky Lake…#bassfishing #fishingdaily #bassmaster #bass #fishing #catchandrelease #fishinglife #fish #angler #fishingtrip #kentuckylake

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  1. Wow! You gave you big bait a chance I've seen it happen in a tournament the man I drew with in a Redman Tournment had it won,but lost 2 -4 pound smallmouth on a big Jerkbait that would have won it for him ,unfortunately he weighted only 4 fish. I think a lot of times, smallies crash the bait first to stun their pray& come back agin to eat it.

  2. Randy if you remember last year you said the next year you was going to go for a limit first. You didn’t follow your plan. Going for that first limit will many times get you a big one.

  3. You should have known that the smallmouth were on the spawn (you are a profressional) and that smallmouth spawn deeper than largemouth, which is a couple of 2-4 weeks off, by the way. Even in to June. Kentuck Lake is very tricky. And I can see why you got fooled. If you need an on the lake lesson contact me. And you are correct about the mouth as it pertains to the Brownie, you should have already known that and made the ajustment. The tourney was set up for the smallmouth spawn. What depth do you fish for Smallies in the spring? Four to thirty feet deep You are an Ozark fisherman? You have to know? First of all you need to know where they spawn and that is not common knowledge. If you would use your electronics (sidescan) in practice you might have found them? Where does the current start first? Smallmouth are current related. Thier beds need to be clean. Where is the clearest water on those two lakes? That's where most of the smallies live. Some of my largest have been on Kentucky Lake, mostly forgotten about as one of the best Smallie fisheries. Look I understand that you can't hit it like you used to do. And I like your need to modify, mainly useless. Don't over think it. Have fun. Put your head down and fish if you want to compete.Quit bitching and go fishng. That's the best thing about fishing, the solace. F mental Monday. I never got anything from that. You have the knowlege, use it. I have always rooted for you. I fish like you fish, very versitile.I use mainly spinning gear for crankbaits (if I can get away with it) and baits 3/16th and under. I cast with my right hand (you can contol a fish better if you are right handed) and reel with my left, know matter, spinning or baitcasting. Deep and heavy baits, contact me for an on the lake lesson. Short rod or long rod?

  4. Randy I've been following you since you come on the Bass scene many years ago . Been following your videos for a long time. I have been bass fishing since the 70's . I have also done some tournament fishing. Don't want to be a Debbie Downer but I don't think I have every gone to the lake with a notion that I was going to put a certain bait in my hand and fish it do or die or that I knew what the fish were doing that day ! I may have an idea but that's all . Seventy-two years old and still fishing !! You are a member of the Fish The Moment Team . I just wish you would use that philosophy a little more !! I would never tell you how to fish . You have way more experience and knowledge than I do ! Good luck in the future Randy I will always be pulling for you following on social media !!

  5. I think u need to start trying hard swimbaits soft baits are good to an extent but. I feel hard swimbaits just get bit way more especially for smallies. A crankdown swimbait would get demolished or a smaller profile glide. Which is pretty much a jerkbait with a larger profile Lucky craft even makes a Pointer like that.

  6. Maybe you should have throw that little Huddleston you were sporting the other day. Years ago I got a high second place finish throwing small swim baits. I was using a heavy fast action rod. I kept swinging and missing or the fish jumped off. Really good fish too. Anyway I switched to my spinning rod using the same bait and started landing those fish by utilizing the slower action on the spinning rod. Not saying you should throw a mag draft on a spinning rod but perhaps a slower action may have helped. I don’t agree with your analogy 100%. Fish have a bite window during the day. Throw your confidence bait during that time and don’t fish chicken. More often than not IMO getting a limit then trying for a kicker, fails. Having your confidence bait on during the bite window was the right decision. Trying a slower action rod would have been worth it.

  7. My rule of 👍 is. 5 fish first then go try to upgrade. But it's hard to do when you're having fish hit something and not staying pinned. Wish you luck on your next tournament Randy…

  8. I have caught so many smallmouth bass on the 6 inch mag draft. I have caught 1 1/2 pounders on the 6 inch. It’s hard to believe but they will eat it and most of the time the eat it good. I haven’t lost many fish on the mag draft at all. Just my 2 cents lol. No disrespect to randy tho

  9. I’ve been watching BASS And MLF elites online and 3/4 of the tournaments are getting won using finesse baits on spinning reels ! I have never seen soooo many spinning outfits ever in the Pro’s ! Randy if you can’t beat join them ! I say that with all due respect! Dekota Ebare just caught a 9/6 in the Heavy hitters! Guys are winning tournaments or places well , drop shoting , wacky rigging , shacky heads .

  10. I love how all the people in the comments thing an evolution of the sport (electronics) is cheating. Would everyone rather still be fishing with wooden sticks and willow branch nets? Grow up, the times have changed.

  11. my buddy from Minnesota took 2nd in that tournament. He said the lake is on fire and he's never seen so many smallmouth in 1 lake. I think you needed to be fishing deeper as the smallies were bedding deeper. get 360 for your humminbird up front and you'll be ahead of the curve.

  12. Jeez! No wonder you haven’t won much lately.
    You’ve got waaay too much knowledge and experience, according to your reasoning, to make fairly obvious adjustments during a tournament. All that clutter of info must have clouded your ability to connect smaller baits for Small Mouth bass…Even though the word “Small” is right there in the name of the fish you were targeting…huh.
    Props to you for keeping it real, and confessing that your co-angler figured it out before you did.

  13. I feel like a limit is first then look for bigger fish. I learned doing ice tournaments for panfish not to leave fish that were biting to chase big fish before I had my limit. One year we left some fish trying to do better than the prior year and we blanked the rest of the day but someone moved onto our spot after we left and couldn't get back to fill our limit. We ended up with 4 fish all day but were allowed 30 fish of bluegill or crappies. We definitely felt pretty dumb

  14. Sometimes I will fish a big swimbait or a big glidebait as a searchbait. If I get a couple hits or some follows, I have a rod with a powershot tied on with like a small size gilly i will start flipping around or dragging around, and more times than not i will catch some of those quality size fish that were followers or smackers on the big bait. Or i like to throw in a small dark sleeper sometimes. I choose the gilly and dark sleeper because they are different enough than what most guys are throwing that I feel like I get some extra bites over say like a keitech or fluke or largo shad that theyve seen 1000 times. It's all good randy.
    I swear the last 3 big national tournaments I've fished, the areas I chose to fish I found out after the tournament is where the winner was fishing. I just didn't quite get it right or read something wrong or used wrong techniques. But I take it as a good sign I am at least finding winning fish, I just need to learn how to better my presentations and figure out how to hone in on what those fish are eating. Last big one at santee… I had 3 good spots all in same area. Spot i started bit dies at 930 am. I went to my second spot, someone was on it and stayed all day, he won the tourney. I went to my third spot, and nothing was biting. Another angler told me "yeah man XXXX just came through here and caught 25 lbs" and XXXX came in 2nd place in a field of 220 anglers I picked the spots that the 1st and 2nd place guys fished on, I just started on the wrong one.

  15. Not to be presumptuous RB, but fwiw, I think you should try out the more compact jig & trailer with Tungsten head for your 'big fish' bait, especially in lakes where there are big smallmouth and spotted bass. I've been catching at least 2x and sometimes 3x more weight than my cousin who's fishing right beside me with a shakyhead worm. I use the Mythic Rock Crawler jig with a Netbait paca chunk trailer, and rarely catch a bass under 3 lbs.

  16. Megabass makes a 5 inch and Ofcourse the popular 6inch. Not sure what size you were throwing.

    I have had zero issues with smallies on a 6inch and smaller.

  17. Hey Randy I just stumbled on a new to me fishing channel called Retro Bassin. I think you will enjoy it as well. Thank you for all your transparency and knowledge. I watch all your videos as well! I've learned quite a lot thanks again.

  18. They also were using FSS and Randy all due respect to u but u lose significantly more fish than other pros. About every tournament update h give is a story about lost fish. Go watch them again. I remember a 3 pounder u lost with spinning reel that had line locked in spool Due to back reel loop. You have things u can work on

  19. Now that Livescope a.k a the cheat screen has taken over, fisherman that are skilled with big baits will start winning tournaments… imagine 95% of your casts with big baits always being in front of the fish's face.. u will catch some big fish, and will win tournaments…Ben Milliken is proof of what's to come… he's a great big bait fisherman, combined with Livescope will be a threat in alot of tournaments

  20. I see all these videos talking about the magdraft as a really good bait. My question is why is the six inch not talked about as much as the eight or ten. Why don't you see guys who are getting bites on the bigger ones not downsizing to smaller ones

  21. You once did a video on rigging a stinger hook on a magdraft. If you would have done that, you could have hooked up on even the smallmouth. Just a thought for future tournaments.

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