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I made Hilary cry! This is a BIG FISH ONLY Challenge! If it’s under 5lbs it doesn’t count! Who will win??

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  1. Hey Scott I know this is a month later, how did Hill pull a monster bass out with a Aboslute Favorite Rod on a jig? I tried using jigs on a the Aboslute rod I have and the bass always managed to get off because of how much play is in that rod. I caught monster bass on the Aboslute rod using trebbled hooked lures like whopper plopper, and even a chatter bait. But every time I hooked a monsterous bass with a jig on the Aboslute rod, the bass managed to spit the jig cause of the play in it, I even tried braid with the same result.

  2. Man watching videos like this just get me so excited I can’t wait till my daughter gets older right now she is still afraid to hold the fish but she loves catching them already !

  3. this video is like watching a video of my fishing trips with my boys they go from all upset about not catching fish then they land one and come to life with happy emotions.

  4. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I love it when Hilary goes "full Mike Iaconelli". In fact, I think Hilary owns that meme now. In the future people will talk about Mike going "full Hilary Martin"!

    Now this brings to mind the idea of a collab between Scott, Mike, and Hilary. Can you imagine how epic it would be if somebody caught a 9+ lb'er on that? Wow…

  5. Hey scott I just learned today that my dad and grandfather actually fished with you on your boat in the 90's on Okeechobee it was a wild story to hear and just everything my dad said about you really shows how good of a person you really are keep up the good work

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