I LOST My Keys Again And I Want To Go Fishing!

There is nothing worse than losing a key to get a lock off and having to figure out a way to get it off…. Here is how to get the lock off a receiver lock when you don’t have the key. Go to the Durasafe website to find out how to get all the keys the same for all of your locks!

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  1. Next time find a pipe about a foot long and with a inside diameter large enough to fit over the barrel end of lock with the key. Put the pipe over lock and pull pipe toward you. It will break off with ease!

  2. This is so funny… I saw you uploaded this video today while I was at work and didn't have time to watch it. When I got home today I went to take my old hitch out of my old truck and broke the key off because the lock was seized up from being on my old truck for the last few years. I'm not even going to try to get the old key out and gonna just break it off now… Perfect timing on this video and great video as always keepem coming brother!!!

  3. These things are usually one key fits all- they don't advertise that, but I've seen it work many times. If I were you, I would've tried a buddy's key- I almost bet you it would've worked. If nothing else drop by AutoZone or somewhere- they'll usually let you borrow a key to see if it will unlock it. But the best solution is to have a couple extra keys made- take off one of your taillight covers, put it inside the cover and tape it down, screw it back on. Now you know you have an emergency spare, and you know right where it is. Even if the tape let's go- it just bounces around inside there until you need it. I worried it might pop my bulb if it hit it, but it never has. I have to do this because I'm ADHD and I lose literally everything I touch- especially something like a small key that I rarely use. I also have a spare ignition key in there.

  4. Good video Matt. Being up here in Ontario, Canada I would highly recommend spraying some lithium grease into the lock and then putting the key in the lock and turning it a few times to lubricate everything inside. This helps with all the salt and dirt. 😅

  5. Should have shown yourself walking away putting the key in your pocket and you or your wife say sarcastically “not going to lose this one”! Lol. Thanks for the different video.

  6. If the guy whose trailer was stolen was from Stevens Point I know exactly who you were talking about. Its unfortunate though I was with a friend on the Chippewa Flowage and someone stole the wiring harness off of his truck for the boat lights. That was a nerve wracking drive home in the dark.

  7. It's good to know that you can take it off that way, I would have used a hacksaw, probably would have taken longer, or a steel cutoff grinding wheel, good job! I wanted to tell on TW, they are carrying Gambler hover hook, yours looks a lot better, thanks for the video 🎣👍

  8. You have to take this lock and maintain all your locks like your boat. By taking them off and cleaning them with WD-40. Spraying them down after you fish whip down your boat even after trips. Your keys should be just like your boat keys and I know you don't lose your boat keys or leave them in your ashtray if r glove department 💯💯💯💯💯👍🏾

  9. Best thing is a Sawzall if you're going to use a lock put it on a key ring and hang it from your direction turn signal also open and close it every once and awhile. I worked in a rental store and I don't know how many I would cut off peoples truck because they needed a different hitch and their lock was frozen

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