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I Have a NEW Favorite Swimbait…and it’s not what you’re Expecting.

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That was NOT what I expected! Is my favorite swimbait broken??


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  1. Black and blue sinkos works Great there….I hooked a 12+ there a few years ago on a crank…. didn't get her in….but seen and caught multiple 7 and 8+ out of there

  2. Two things: 1) I didn't think Pinkston had any unhealthy bass in there. That's sad to see. 2) great to see that they're adding white rock to the main ramp it looks like. Way over due.

  3. Bass on baby that bud was elite bro my vids are just starting to look good I am a kid so I used to be super cringe your vids are amazing bro can’t wait for the next i like these types of vids!

  4. No wonder I been seeing waterland in stale kracker video I wasn’t sure if it was a partnership so I tagged you in a few videos, awesome content thank you man

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