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I Found A LOADED Golf Course On Google Maps FULL Of Bass

This golf course was AMAZING! Its was truly a little hidden gem. Thanks for your support on the videos!

#fishemhard #bass #bassfishing

Slobberknocker Combo:
Rod: Jordan Lee Bladded Jig Rod –
Reel: Abu Garcia Max Pro –
Lure: Berkley Slobberknocker (Herring 3/8) –

Day 1 Worm Combo:
Rod: Jordan Lee Signature Series Rod 7FT MH –
Reel: Abu Garcia Vengeance
Lure: Powerbait Maxscent General –

Day 2 Worm Combo:
Rod: Abu Garcia Fantasista X 7FT MH –
Reel: Abu Garcia Revo Rocket –
Lure: Powerbait Maxscent General –
Everyday Use Gear:

Big Tackle Box:
Small Tackle Box:
MINI Tackle Box:
Chatterbait Box:
Spinnerbait Box:
Soft Plastic Day Bag (3600):
SUPER Scissors:
Fluorocarbon (12lb):
Braid (30lb):
Berkley Fusion19 Hooks (3/0):
My Boat Tackle Bag:
My Suitcase For Fishing Trips:
Swaggy Rain Jacket:
My Rainy Day Bibbs:
Jacket For When Its Cold And Wet:
Camera Batteries Box:
Camera/Phone/Keys Box:
Gopro Charger:
Gopro Batteries:
Gopro Chesty:
Gopro Boat Clamp:


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  1. Literally just watched a tik tok it said guys never retie after a missed fish because they are usually in a hurry and they break off the big bite because the fish before it’s teeth just ruined the last few inches of your line. You definitely proved that theory to be true. Just a pro tip.

  2. Try to use Straight Shank Hooks on worms and use EWG Hooks on creature baits. Better hook up ratio on straight shank than ewg when fishing worms

  3. Dude love it! I have a decent amount of bladed jigs and I can honestly say the first time I threw the slobberknocker I instantly loved the way it preformed that deep resonance was killer!

  4. Those were some heartbreaking losses, but great to see you stick some more, Larry! 💪🎣

    I reckon a few of those misses may have been big gills gettin' feisty as they get ready to spawn; we have a few early spawners up here in IL near St Louis, so they have to be close down there!

  5. Just watched ya on Lojo's channel with Ayo on kayaks… u and that🐍 is like me and that 🐍..but I woulda beat it with the paddle…lol..subscribed to your channel..cant wait to see your vid's 😁😁😁

  6. Your a lot better than me. I think alligators on a golf course. Perhaps it’s just me being on the gulf coast. Either way I’m here for it!! 🎣 🎣🎣🎣

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