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I Finally CAUGHT The POND MONSTER! (My Biggest Fish Ever)

In today’s video, Brandon and I cast net bait and use them to catch POND MONSTERS in a tiny pond! Some of these massive tarpon in this pond are up to 6 foot long, and we ended up catching one!

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  1. Sitting in the kitchen cooking when I hear.
    6 yo screaming his stuffies name.
    4 yo responds from the bathroom.
    "I'm washing him"!
    After scolding from the kitchen, he replies; "he's not in the tub, I put him in the big pond"!
    😂😂😂😂 We may watch y'all too often. Kids are over here pretending to be Bobby!😂😂😂😂❤

  2. I'm confused.. Did you take one, or throw it back into a pond it's DYING in? Love your fish saving videos, so is there something about these I'm missing? Nothing was said about them being illegal.. So yeah, I guess that's just my main question, why throw it back to a death sentence?

  3. I wouldn’t of filmed him kicking onto heave either fishy heaven, one awesome fish the Tarpin are. I hope he did make it, but shock can so easily kill a sickly fish😢

  4. Temps are important to fishing…. Often when its hot like it is and the water is a low volume pond, the fish become sluggish. Wait for a small drop in temps. Check the nitrate and nitrite levels to see if the pond is poisoned

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