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I did NOT expect this while BASS FISHING – Surprise fish!

Lure fishing for bass in very dirty water, and somehow managing to catch something very unlikely. Wasn’t the only action we had either! A day full of surprises for sure. I’m sorry for the unusual style and the fact that there was quite a bit of wind noise. Quite a tricky video to film in such harsh conditions! I know it was quite a short one too, but there’s something longer and very special coming soon!

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  1. Hi. Nice see a video of someone fishing muddy water, which is pretty much how it is where I fish a lot of the time. I get bass in it too, but it's hard work. Also good to see the old Toby catching as well. I spent a few hours Monday morning throwing out IMA, and Westin, and Savage Gear lures, and nothing was happening, so I put on an old spoon that I'd hand painted very badly with green and brown nail varnish and had fish on the first two casts. Then I snagged, and went back to the expensive stuff and had nothing for the rest of the day. That's the way it goes sometimes. I'm going to use spoons more often from now on as they cast a mile, and really make themselves felt in the water. They're cheap too: literally pennies if you can pick them up at boot-sales. Nice video, and well done. Raymondo

  2. I stopped using trebles on my lures, got tired of dragging weed, I use in line lures now with a single hook, very little sea weed and very few snags.

  3. Feel for the " prickles " on the top of the fish . Plaice totally smooth , prickles all over a Dab and a line of prickles down the middle a Flounder .
    Try and get hold of a book called " fishing with a baited spoon " all about catching fatties on spoons !

  4. Cracking fish and a cracking video mate. Try adding a weedless EWG hook to the back of the Toby instead of the trebles. Then add a curly tail grub to it then you have a weedless Toby.

  5. Thanks for another top upload that Bass was awesome! Ok, you talked me into starting fishing again and I'm going to for the 1st time in years to fly fish for some some Brownies tomorrows! I'm also looking to start Lure fishing for Pike/Perch/Bass. Is there a Rigged and Ready rod that covers everything so I can keep my tackle down to the minimum? Also would I have to use a different reel for Bass fishing in the sea? Thanks again and keep up the stella fishing 🙂

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