I Caught 75 Bass On This Lure The First Day I Fished It…

Randy talks about the dark sleeper…#fishingdaily #bassfishing #bassmaster #bass #fishing #catchandrelease #fish #angler #fishingtrip #fishinglife #swimbait

Lake map breakdowns…

Baitwrx dark sleeper link…

Blaukat old school jig…

Solar bat Blaukat sunglasses link…

Virtual lessons..


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  1. As a fishergal, I appreciate you telling us the conditions, technique and topography of where and when to fish this! Thanks so much, it looks like it presents perfectly!

  2. Randy I love the dark sleepers ., I want to add that there is also a 1oz size as well, and the dark sleeper has a unique rate of fall,, a 1oz dark sleeper has the same rate of fall as a 3/4 jig the 3/4oz dark sleeper has the same rate of fall as a 1/2oz jig, 1/2oz dark sleeper same rate of fall as 3/8oz jig etc etc

  3. To be frank, anyone who buys this gimmick cannot fish. 1. This is a jig 2. This lure is weighted too heavy to have any good action 3. The tail is too small to be seen or to entice fish. Terrible on the swim 4. Too expensive for lead and plastic 5. It's not weedless or snag-proof 6. Yall just don't know how to fish. Why not use something better like a jig or swimbait? Too many bums in this game I tell yall. Come at me. Prove me wrong. This is why I make easy money.

  4. The 1/4 oz. size is a snag magnet, but found the 1/2 size works well under the right conditions. No less than 12 lb. test for sure, but even so, expect to lose some even fishing lakes that are relatively bare.

  5. Mega bass over priced as most of thier baits are, it's a gobe Imitation like they use on great likes for small mouth, not saying it's not decent bait, just over priced,

  6. Why don't you get a 10 gallon aquarium for 5 bucks off craigslist (not 50 at pet store) and use an ice fishing rod, or tie a piece of line to the top end of a normal rod and show us the action of the bait? Especially if you make lots of these videos? You can make shorts too doing it! ✌💖

  7. Clear water, bluffs, and crank it as fast as you can. The orange belly one looks like a blue Gill, and the bass will hammer it in the month of may. It is the best swimbait made.

  8. Honestly, it's not very productive for me. I'd rather pitch a jig with a better weed guard. The weed guard on the dark sleeper is not very good, for that reason i just cut it off and fish it in less covered areas

  9. Does anyone one else feel you should error on the heavy side with this bait? The keel seems to ride the bait up a bit. The only place I have had trouble fishing this is in wood cover so save your money and try something else in that situation.

  10. I have given these a shot for 3 years now. zero fish so far. I will not give up on it. but I must be doing it wrong. also I fish mostly muddy water. so I may not be the right guy.

  11. Thank you, Randy, I have a question about the "View Products" list, is your channel monetized for each item we click on and then view, or do we have to purchase an item? Please advise, thank you.

  12. I've tried to like this bait for years. For a weedless bait. It sure does get hung up alot. In two years time . I've caught 1 fish on it.

  13. Thank you Randy. Now I understand why I’m having no success. Our water visibility is less than a foot much of the year. I’m certain that as our lakes clear up, I’ll achieve success.

  14. Great tip. I use the Zman Minnowz & Diezel Minnowz coupled with the Bulletz weedless jig heads to do the same thing. You can buy a whole bag of Zman plastics and the jig heads for the price of a single dork sleeper. The raised fin on the Minnowz also helps hook concealment. The Bulletz weights keep it on the bottom. You can also interchange parts to get the weight and color you want, something you can’t do with the dork slapper. And the Minnowz plastics are way more versatile as you can use them on plain or bladed jig heads, drop shots, chatterbait trailers, etc. Way more versatile and less $$$. Definitely time for this technique now.

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