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I Built A Giant Swimbait Tackle Box!

Where I get my tackle:
(Use Code YIN10)


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  1. I think some people don’t realize- mostly newer fishermen- that this is most of your fishing trips. Getting to your spot. Fishing for 3-4+ hours and only catching a single fish. And it’s worth it. Just for that adrenaline rush lol

  2. My buddy from California is sending me a fishing Care package . In it is a river2sea s waver trout glidebait and I Def will be afraid to throw it 😂 he never caught anything on it so I feel determined to catch a mondo on it for him . God bless young man

  3. I love watching your YouTube videos Ryan. I wake up every morning and thank the Lord for another day. One more thing, I'm kind of a Noob at bass fishing and it would be awesome if you could make a bass fishing tips and tricks video. My PB is a 4 pound largemouth. Thank you.
    To Ryan From Noah

  4. Love your videos! You have inspired me to be in the fishing community,
    You’re my favorite. (Philippians 4:13) “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” <- this is one of my favorite verses.✝️

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