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HUGE Striped Bass eats BIG SWIMBAIT! Deps 250!

We had an incredible day out on the river! We didn’t have a lot of bites but the bites were quality!


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  1. That’s freaking wild catching those in that little river. I typically catch them in a big canal or in the surf around crazy structure and current with 11-12 foot rods, 50lb braid/80lb leader, 14000 spinning reels. That fish was over 30 pounds, probably like 32, super healthy and 13-14 years old. All the big ones are females, and their size directly correlates to how many eggs they lay so big respect for treating her with care. Man I could get with that type of fishing though! Awesome.

  2. Awesome, got a 22lb at Watts Bar last fall on a lipless and12lb test, only non target species I'm happy to catch , btw any way you can link your gear? I'm sure I'm not the only tackle junky that watches and notice you have new equip every video

  3. Man I have still yet to catch one smh……we have targeted them on a river here the exact same way you guys are…..Mag Draft and a big Trout Glide bait…our timing has just been off…hopefully it happens next trip!!! That thing was massive man

  4. Epic freaking fish dude. No joke, I turned on my tv and your video started playing. That intro with the music is dope and I knew it was one of your videos. Next clip was the magdraft. I was like, oh damn. This is gonna be a good video! You got big follows and then hooked into a freaking GIANT! well done bud. Btw, I have this weird superstiton if a butterfly lands on your pole your gonna get a beast. Its happend to me twice and just happend to you. Basic science at this point hahaha

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