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This video is all about sight fishing for MONSTER BASS! This clear water pond is loaded with fish, and I can see some spawning bass, and some post spawn bass, and I do my best to find some of the bigger ones! It is so cool to watch them strike in the clear water!



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  1. Ty catching a 10 pound bass "yeah GOT HIM! AWW JEEZ THIS IS A MONTSTER!"
    Also Ty catching a 10 ounce bass "yeah GOT HIM! AWW JEEZ THIS IS A MONTSTER!"

  2. The fish are down there thinking. Oh what a beautiful day! Sure hope I can just swim around maybe grab a snack without being fooled with that fake food that they talk about.

  3. I had this same experience with a 25 pound chinook salmon. He snapped my line the first time, but I went in and tackled him and gave him a lil surprise with my leather knife. He didn’t swim away. Mine was a lil more hillbilly but you catch my drift.

  4. I caught a post spawn 9.5.. She was sooo long and skinny. If I caught her 2 or 3 weeks earlier fuck she'd be close to 12 if not more right? Never caught her again tho.

  5. I remember spot fishing about a 6 pounder and a 3 pounder guarding a bed for over an hour until I got the big girl to hit it. Evan after I caught the male!

  6. I have told you before when I was a kid we stalked big bass in clear water we would crawl on the ground and watch them
    .the difference we caught them on lousiana pinks and wild shiners 🤟😎❤️

  7. You make living in the Midwest feel unbearable as a bass fisherman. You’re honestly the most well rounded fisherman on YouTube. Different species but always catching monsters. Love your videos!!

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