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How-To Set Up a Hover Strolling Rig

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An underutilized technique that is super easy to rig, the Hover Strolling Rig is a great finesse technique that will catch fish in the most challenging conditions. In this edition of Tackle Warehouse’s How-To series, Thomas gives anglers a step-by-step guide and gear recommendations for rigging the Hover Strolling Rig. Make sure to keep it locked-in to the Tackle Warehouse VLOG page to get more exclusive content, firsthand angler insight, and the best products at the best prices.


Helping anglers understand the basics and fundamentals, the Tackle Warehouse How-To series provides a foundation for anglers to learn all the essential skills needed for bass fishing. Covering everything from knots, rigging, storage, bait modifications and much much more, our How-To series will give you the confidence that you need to catch more fish. Constantly delivering original and informative content, Tackle Warehouse is dedicated to bringing your fishing to the next level with the best gear at the best prices.

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  1. 1. Fluoro has no stretch is simply not true. 2. Nail weight in the nose will make the bait nose dive, NOT fall or swim horizontally thus the nail weight should go thru the middle or body of the bait and only trial and error on the water can determine the exact spot to keep the bait horizontal.

  2. It’s such a myth that fluoro doesn’t stretch. Why people insist on saying it with every single test showing that it stretches nearly as much as mono? Stretch isn’t a bad thing, why are we still pretending?

  3. Nice presentation. But, fluorocarbon has no stretch? I wish people would stop perpetuating this myth. ALL floro has stretch, from $40 Tatsu, to cheap generic stuff. Less than mono, yes, but definitely not none.

  4. It's been around in Japan for 8+ years, japanese like mono over floro in translation because it helps it suspend more, they also like to nose hook in japan

  5. I've tried here in Brazil with larger baits, a 1/0 Hook and a little havier weigh (1/32 to a 1/16 Oz). It Works on casting the rig not Just under the boat as the japanese fellas do. Thanks guys

  6. Great tip, Y'all should have a big aquarium to show that bait rigging is different/better than a jighead.
    In addition, all of your ICAST interviews should be done at the tank where we can actually see the baits in action and not some rushed 45 second interview where a pro describes the action,

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