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How to Fish Swim Jigs for Big Bass

At the Bass University, we have hundreds of bass fishing educational videos, like this Bill Lowen Swim Jig seminar. This full seminar is 51 minutes long and full of bass-catching information. Get full and unlimited access to all our instructional videos from top touring bass fishing pros with a PRO subscription at https://bassu.tv/online-fishing-subscriptions.

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In this bass fishing instructional video preview, tournament bass angler Bill Lowen discusses why he loves swim jigs (http://bit.ly/2l4gvK5), when and where he loves to fish them, and why he believes they help him catchi big bass and do well in fishing tournaments.


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  1. Anyone subscribe to watch videos in their entirety? Are they worth cost for recreational bass angler? It kinda seems like each pro is pushing their products during lecture which would'nt be an unbiased lesson.

  2. Bill is a far better angler than I am, but I disagree on the whole keeping your rod tip high and shaking the jig being the most effective retrieve, day-in and day-out… I almost always have one on the deck, and if I don't, I have a rod in the box with one tied on. By far the most effective retrieve for me is a slower to medium speed with the occasional twitch of the rod, mostly snapping it from the cover. The only times his recommended retrieve has produced well is in the late spawn period when sunfish are very actively pursued, when the sunfish suspend around grass lines, and when the bass are keyed-in on bait in the fall, and even during those periods, it's rarely the best retrieve. Peace

  3. Yep, Been fishing them for a long time—- A couple of tips—– I used to fish big trailers on big swim jigs- they worked great- then one day I was fishing with my son —– I had him rigged with a small natural hair jig made by some ebay folks and a small Keitech trailer– 3.8—- He was catching pike like crazy—– one after the other—– I switched to smaller jigs and trailers after that- and now I'm averaging more BIG pike and Musky than the Musky guys—– those big pole giant lure 10,000 cast goons er guys I mean……. but I don't let them know that, I just tell em I catch a Musky once in a while…….. Upper eau Claire is my territory, please don't tell those guys I called them goons,, please. ha ha

  4. I was lucky enough to attend this BASS U in Kokomo, IN. KVD was great as always, but I learned more from Bill Lowen. He describes himself as a power finesse fisherman and I fit that mold. He was really helpful explaining his swim jigs and tube set ups. Can't wait to utilize these this year.

  5. I'm a firm believer that the best swim jigs on the market are from Dirty Jigs. The No Jack swim jig with that stout hook has been an amazing performer for me. The blue gill and magic craw colors are fish catchers.

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