How Much Money Do I Make From YouTube And Other Personal Questions From Viewers Answered…

Randy answers viewer questions on his personal life…#bassmaster #angler #fishingdaily #fish #fishinglife #bass #fishing #fishingtrip #bassfishing #bass

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  1. I just don’t get why people are saying our fisheries are not good anymore, at least bass fishing in general, is worse than it’s ever been. I have been fishing since I could walk. I began bass fishing, as a pursuit of species, when I was 8 year old, walking pond banks at our local golf course, and walking the banks of an 86 acre lake that is adjacent to that same golf course. Later on, I would go to local lakes with my uncle, and compete in weeknight tourneys and weekend opens. When I got my driver’s license at 16, I bought my first bass boat, and it’s been a deep passion ever since. I competed in both local tournaments and drove all over the south fishing Federation tournaments and opens wherever I could find them. I fished 3 different clubs at the same time for 6 years straight, and began kayak bass fishing four years ago, and am dedicated to a large group in my home state of Ky. I also still fish occasional opens from a bass boat, but kayak fishing is my passion now. Every lake within three hours of home is better now than it ever has been, with the exception of Lake Barkley, because of a bad Asian Carp infestation. Those two lakes (Ky/Barkely) are healing well now, and Ky is almost back where it was in the 90’s. Dale Hollow is EXPLOSIVE for both Largemouth AND Smallmouth now, and Largemouth were limited to the very upper lake back in the 80’s and 90’s, and now they are all over, and VERY good quality. Lake Cumberland, well, if you know, you know. Even the smaller, municipal lakes are chocked full of quality bass. I don’t know if it’s our department of fisheries in Ky and Tn, or a combination of things. I have of course became a better fisherman since the late 80’s, but even the bottom half of weights in tournaments has risen since then. And I DONT OWN FOREWARD FACING SONAR. I wish I did, and will soon maybe. I look at lakes that I never fished like Cayuga and the lakes that have been in the spotlight this year with tournaments, even THEY are breaking records, and not just by the big tournaments, the Kayak series are doing equally well there. Okeechobee is still good, but is going through a battle with water level management, Santee-Cooper is healing from a grass kill from overspraying, and other lakes are also healing from the carp invasion. The lakes that get a ton of pressure like Chic, Guntersville, and others like them are producing better than ever. I just don’t see ANY decline in fishing quality related to overfishing, electronics, or such things. All of the big fall-offs were because of flooding, carp infestation, spraying, or bad water level control. Just my personal observation.

  2. I’m with you on the clean air and water issue but the EPA goes too far and in many ways in no friend to fishing. They are the reason we are losing a lot of our fishing access due to power plant lakes being shut down. If they go to the extreme of taking away your favorite lake then what’s the point?!

  3. You're a stud hero in my world, Randy! Love the tips & philosophy! You bring way more than just hardcore hoggin tips to your viewers! Labels & overly opinionated viewpoints are a plague on our society. We all should be thinking about our commonality & community, not our differences that divide. All that difference is what makes us all interesting. Being defined by a group or ideal only lessens all of the richness of our collective humanity. Thank you for your contributions to your community & viewers!

  4. This was one of your best videos. Once again topics nobody else covers. Just like Mental Monday, it’s good to talk about something other than fishing. Liked your answer on politics.

  5. THAT'S THE 1000000000% TRUTH RIGHT THERE, THATS WHAT RANDY CANT ADMIT OR OWN UP TO, TOURNAMENT FISHING CAUSES THE MOST DEATHS, RESEARCH THAT RANDY, WE WOULD LIKE A TRUTHFUL VIDEO OF THOSE STATISTICS as @ astrophysicistguy629 said, nit everyone has livescope, I watch most of my local tournaments here and 80% don't have it, and still more fish are killed just because of way way to many tournaments, my lake has 4-7 tournaments per week, thats nuts and needs to be regulated more than livescope, the truth hurts but RANDY won't admit tournaments are the problem!

  6. Randy, I don’t think it’s just your YouTube comments that’s makes some people think you are liberal in your political beliefs. You may want to check your comments on other media platforms. The good thing is people don’t have to agree with your politics to learn from your years of bass fishing. If people can’t do that, it’s not your problem!

    For me, I will continue to watch and learn from the 90%.

  7. Good grief, how much money do you make? I appreciate you have boundaries and some things are no ones business. Good for you. Now get that HGH jacked up a$$ back to those Thunberg inspired MM vids. Man I must confess I'm crushed I've watched your vids for what 2-2 1/2 years and we're not best buds………. (my bride wants to know if I'm watching that stoned dude again 😎? Enjoy your fishing videos, enjoy some of the debates they spark. MM, hit or miss. Wish you continued success. (perhaps I've journed beyond normal boundaries of good manners or taste?

  8. I am critical of Randy sometimes with some of his views, but I love his answer about whether he is a "liberal". What a fantastic answer Randy. He takes issues on a case by case basis and does not fall into trap of labelling himself.

  9. Great video. I disagree with Randy on LS but that doesn’t mean I stop watching. Now a days if you disagree with someone on anything they are the enemy, and everything they say is stupid. Never used to be like that and it’s not healthy so people need to relax and listen you might learn something.

  10. Sheeeyit! Randy – y’all makin’ so much sense, y’all gotta be a DAMN LIBRAL! … Ahhm cancelin’ mahh subscription! err … no.

    The problem with the political name-calling of the type you are referring to is that in the past decade, in order to attract lower and middle-class voters to vote against their own economic interests, the GOP has resorted to increasing their focus on hatemongering, just as the Nazis did in the 1930s. So while 20 years ago, most people would’ve been considered centrist, nowadays the main stream Republican party has shifted so far to the right that it is embracing fascism, not just traditional conservatism. So there is a very considerable gap between main stream GOP supporters, and everyone else simply because the GOP has shifted so far to the right recently.

    The GOP now refuses to take any personal responsibility for any of the consequences to society that result from its policies, and instead plays the blame game or engages in outright lying and false denial. The problem is that an awful lot of very small men, with a lot of their wives, girlfriends and daughters dutifully following along, try to make themselves feel better by putting down others. They feel like tough guys and men of substance and success by referring in a derogatory fashion to “those damn other people” and engage in name calling. I used to do that. But then I got through 8th and 9th grades, started to feel better about myself because of positive accomplishments I had achieved, and no longer felt compelled to make myself appear better by insulting and being negative about others.

    Being fair and reasonable used to be the American way. Nowadays, it’s labeled liberalism, socialism or worse.

    It’s ironic that the more someone claims to be an outdoorsman, the more likely it is that he supports the party that wants to deregulate industry for the sake of profit, sell off public lands to corporations, all to hell with the environment that we all enjoy the most when it’s in a pristine, accessible condition.

    But I’m making too much sense here. And a major component of right wing politics these days is to never, ever concede error about anything, so I’ll just get a bunch of thumbs down votes on this comment. And probably be called some pretty nasty names.

  11. You’re spot on and I align with almost everything you believe in. Bureaucrats want political label’s because it keeps us divided and distracted from the bigger issue of them being bought by major corporate interests.

  12. Supporting conservation and thoughtful use of our natural resources doesn't make you, or anyone else, a liberal. We ALL need clean water and air. That said, the Green New Deal and the climate con are both 100% political and nothing but leftist, liberal, democrat, propaganda. Sure, tribalism is bad. It's also driven in this country by the same party of individuals that can't stay in business without it. The same folks that preach diversity while demanding conformity of thought.

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