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How I like to fish the Megabass Magdraft Swimbait @OliverNgy

Fishing the 6 inch Magdraft, to jumping up and tangling with the bigger 8 and 10 inch models, I’ve had a lot of personal success across the country on this productive swimbait across multiple species. Here I breakdown in depth some of the key points in fishing the Megabass Magdraft swimbait!

Megabass Magdraft Swimbait

Shimano Conquest 400

Megabass USA Destroyer Onager and Warhammer Swimbait Rods


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  1. Hey Oliver, im just getting into the big swimbait end of bass fishing need to try something different 6-8” magdrafts with a tatula 7’9 swimbait rod/tatula 300 reel… I live in south Florida and mainly fish the Everglades and a few times a year camp mac all the chains of lakes … Toho, hatchnia,Kissimee etc… what colors are the go to for them?

  2. Hey Oliver, I've been trying to learn the 6 inch magdraft from the bank and I feel like I'm fishing spots where fish should be in every condition possible but I'm struggling to get positive feedback. I've been fishing it over and around rocks, weed lines, and on the edges of points. I've fished it high in the water and I've even counted it down in the water column. My water is also in the mid-high 50s. Am I doing something wrong or is it just not the right time of year yet?

  3. I just got done watching the Suffern seminars from a few months ago. This content has really helped me, as someone really new to larger swimbaits. I tend to want to jump in the deep end with things, but the emphasis on fundamentals has really helped me to slow down. I’ve got some 6” Magdrafts and a few S-Waver 168’s (I’m poor 🤣), but after a few trips of skunking with them, I’m starting to catch more quality fish with them and build that confidence. Looking forward to taking the next step and throwing some slightly larger baits on better gear in the near future. Thanks for the great content!

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