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In this video, I am fishing a pond in East Texas. Zach and I have all day to fish this pond, and it ends up being a day with very few bites.

As the day comes to a close, a truly behemoth fish bites my lure, and goes straight into a tree. watching this monster fish thrash around in the tree while I can do nothing about it was not easy on the nerves.

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  1. I am a 61 yr old woman. I have loved fishing all my life. Bill Dance and Jerry McKinnis were my secret heros growing up. Ty is the man! The FISHERMAN! I would do just about anything to go fishin' with Ty. Wouldn't that be the best thing ever?!

  2. G R E A T ! ! video. Like Largemouth Bass. . . .however huge, TIGER Muskies still RULE ! ! as far as what kind of fish this guy should fishing for, videoes. I.M.O. just 'sayin

  3. A "Northern" with no color? Must be that Texas water. Lol
    The "northern" large mouth bass I catch have gorgeous colors AND the lateral lines are very prominent!.
    Sincerely, A northern resident.

  4. That mouth reminds me of a girl I once knew. Betsy. She had laugh like a mule, long golden hair like wheat blowing in the wind. She wasn't all that smart. But the things she could do with her mouth. Everyone needs a Betsy at least once in their lives. : o

  5. That is a very nice large mouth my PB weighed 12lb 8oz it was a Florida large mouth bass caught in a large lake off of the Saint Johns river near Mims FL she was on a bed so I let mine go as well.

  6. I caught a 5 pound bluegill in my local
    Pond and that thing was huge I didn’t slide my hand don’t the scales I lipped it like a large mouth bass

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  8. That's what I said when I saw the size of the small mouth swimming past my foot on the Musselshell River in Montana. It, too, swims in the river still I hope.

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