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How and where to fish for striped bass? #fish #love #fishing #wildlife #2023 #water #life #food

Here’s my rod set up

This is what rig I’m working with

Here’s my local bait shop that sales everything you need for the low low dirt cheap on high quality fishing gears,%20San%20Jose,%20CA%20%2095122,%20United%20States&auid=7282796122848339193&ll=37.330558,-121.855399&lsp=9902&q=Fishery%20Supply&t=m


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  1. From That spot you can cast 500 feet in any direction and not be deeper than 6 to 8ft. From that spot to the bridge you can wader out a hundred feet in some spots.

  2. Nice San Luis! O Neil forebay will be hot soon. Late July-September they will be boiling mad. Can’t wait to go kayak there for the topwater blow ups! Check my topwater blow up videos. It’s from there 😂

  3. Nice fish.
    Can you tell us what time of year the stripers show up in differenet areas SF Bay?
    Coyote Point,
    Oyster point
    Alameda Rockwall
    San Leandro

    I caught my first surf Striper in Pacific last week.

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