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Hot Summer Fishing! (Big Bass – Catfish – Pickerel – July 2023)

Hey guys! Temps were near 90 degrees the past few days and the hot summer season is in full swing! I fished at a couple of spots that I haven’t been to in a while and threw a few different baits.

The sunset bite was hot – I caught 3 fish and 3 species including a Giant Bass on topwater and a couple catfish all within a short amount of time.

I also caught a couple more species the next morning before heavy thunderstorms rolled in.

It was a fun and exciting ting couple days of summer fishing!!

I hope you enjoy the video!!

Instagram: jerseyjoelfishing

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  1. I fished the passaic river tonight for like 5 hours and nothing. Flowing too hard the current down by me below the falls. A few good hits but nothing and theres alot of grass weeds in the river i guess from all the rain up north washing it down over the falls.

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