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Good Lehi Fishing Spot – Largemouth Bass Oak Hollow

This is a trip report of a good Lehi fishing spot with Largemouth bass and large numbers of bluegills. Here are the details of my experiences fishing in lehi including the baits, conditions, and how I caught some bass. Take this information along with you to this fishing spot in Lehi to help you get out and enjoy the outdoors close to home. Hopefully, it will help you catch a few fish with your friends and family.

Overall this good lehi fishing spot produced about a dozen largemouth bass in a few hours of fishing. This video only contains a portion of what was discoverd on this trip fishing in lehi. Head over the bass fishing blog for more details of what transpired on this trip to help you catch more fish, and get more details of the baits used.

Lehi Fishing Spot Report –

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  1. Man, I saw your website has fishing lessons, i want to try that but I don’t know how to contact you for it. Let me know if you see my comment here!

  2. That pond has no trespassing all around it man. I lived up the hill in those apts. I use to fish in there and smoke a few bowls. Also yes theres good largies in there but the owner of the concrete company behind it will call the cops. apparently the company uses that water

  3. Where is this spot at?? I’ve been fishing the same spots for awhile now and it’s getting boring …. maybe you can text me or something on where this spot is at??? I understand as well not to give away the spots so they stay calm but I’d love to know …

  4. I appreciate Kraken Bass sharing information. I understand those that feel threatened by others fishing places where they like to go. It is possible that the pressure picks up a little at times because someone shared some details and that may affect your fishing experience to some degree. My personal opinion is that fishing is a wonderful sport and I have seen it bring happiness to a lot of people. If that is something I can help bring to someone else then that makes me feel good. Even better when it can help young people have a good experience fishing. More people having a good fishing experience and learning to love fishing makes the world a better place. Just my unsolicited 2c

  5. Hey if this is the big pond next to the freeway, you may want to see if it’s private . Apparently the property owner just posted about it saying stay off the property, and I’m guessing it’s because of this video. I love your videos, but the property owner is flipping his lid

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