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Going For The Trifecta!! Lake Mohave Bass Fishing!!

Back for more bass fishing at Lake Mohave Arizona, testing my luck at getting another bass out here! Had more luck on this outing than the previous trip. It looks like I Had the chance at catching all 3 different types of bass at Lake Mohave. It was another great trip out here and it makes me want to come back every week! I Am enjoying fishing for bass at Lake Mohave right now! check out how I Did on this adventure!
I Am not making any revenue of this video
——Willerd’s Gear——
Phenix Feather – Spinning Rods FTX-S 71M-2
Okuma Inspira Spinning Reel ISX-30B
Phenix M1 – Casting Rods MX-C 72MH
Abu Garcia Revo® SX Low Profile Reel Model REVO4 SX-HS
Phenix Maxim -MAX-C 73MH
Abu Garcia Revo x casting reel
15lb Phenix Hydra 8x braid for Inspira reel
8lb FLUOROCARBON leader for inspira reel
12 lb Fluorocarbon line for Revo sx Bait caster
12 lb Monofilament for Rexo x bait caster

Working With Team made baits and affiliated with them. And also a Pro Staff Member Of RHA Tackle. Below are there links of some of the gear I use . And codes to save some cash.
Use Code ALLIN10 to save 10 percent at discount
Code: GETHOOKED to save 10 percent at discount
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  1. Why would you change bait’s if you just got hit on it? I get that it paid off this time and you got a good one but I never switch bait’s immediately after I get licked.

  2. As always great video. I always i learn a lot watching you. Great shot the way you swung the Crawdad to the camera. I've been catching a lot of fish south of needles bridge. Keep the videos coming.

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