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Going BASS FISHING With The RIGHT BAITS? (Winter Fishing For BIG BASS)

Comment below your top 5 winter time bass baits and smash the like button for a chance to win the bundle of baits and new merch featured in this video!

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Are you going Bass fishing with the right baits? Stay tuned as the Googans break down some of there favorite winter time baits to CATCH BIG BASS!

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  1. Comment Your Top 5 Googan Squad Winter Bass Fishing Baits and Like the Video to be Entered to Win Our Winter Bass Fishing Bundle and a Googan Squad Jacket! We’ll draw & comment the winner on 1/27!

  2. Def love seeing the googan vids go back to the seasonal bait pick tips followed by a dangle. This format is great! Season. Bait picks. Test em on the water. Bam

  3. ned rig, depending on how deep the fish are, small to medium suspending jerk(water depth will dictate) always have a finesse jig, ususally ball head, A-rig, and a lipless crank

  4. 1. Drop shot with a Drag n Drop
    2. Slim Shake
    3. Gray/silver senko works really good for some reason.
    4. Rattling bait similar to the Klutch.
    5. Nothing beats a live grasshopper after a little rain.
    I prefer using live bait but summer is the best time for that, the blue gill don’t come out over here during the winter though lol and not many frogs to catch.

  5. Favorite winter baits:
    1. Top water walking bait(early morning in shallow water depths)
    2. Mondo worm
    3. Swim jig/swim bait
    4. Lipless crank
    5. Spinner bait/chatter bait

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