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GIANT Swimbaits vs GIANT Smallmouth! (PB CAUGHT!!)

We head out to the Pacific Northwest to a super secret lake and battle some GIANT Smallmouth with GIANT Swimbaits!

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  1. People putting fishing videos on YT should be required to show us the lures! If you catch a fish, then show us the lure you caught it on.

  2. I was driving from Hoover reservoir in Columbus to the Scioto river yesterday while out chasing fish and I pass Matt on highway 23 in south Bloomfield. That’s south of Columbus Ohio. Super awesome dude. Made my whole day. Wish I could’ve gotten the opportunity to say hi. Love y’all man.

  3. I love this video! I was born in Pahokee, but we lived in Clewiston. Moved to a town less than an hour down river from this reservoir, and grew up watching Roland on TV. Excited to see you fish up here!

  4. 5:30 fishing begins. Really don't need to see a plane ride, two car rides, and two intros by different people. Why didn't you include all the meals you ate also? Feeling kinda feisty right now so sorry, but seriously. FIVE AND A HALF MINUTE INTRO??? No fishing video worth that.

  5. I was gonna say this looks a LOT like Eastern Washington! Finally, a southern youtuber putting a spotlight on 1 of our amazing Smallmouth fisheries. Welcome to the PNW Martin's 👍. Thank you for visiting and for filming your fishing trip.

  6. Everything is fine according to let's go Brandon. I'm from Washington and it is beautiful but stay away from Seattle and other democrat run hell holes.

  7. Met you at the Sabine River and despite the out come you still stayed and spent time with your fans! See big things coming and you can only go up from here! McCoy congrats on the PB that awesome.

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