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Giant Swimbait gets DESTROYED by my Biggest Bass!!

ALWAYS have a net…

My FAVORITE Dragging Rod ► Use “MF10” to SAVE

Giveaway Winner ► Michael Rodgers

#1 Sunglasses for Fishing ► Use “MF15” to SAVE


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  1. Great video man, i’ve been trying to buy some of your rods they’re always out of stock dude what’s up, i’m buying a bunch of 6 sense Lures to help support you good luck brother,we are with your brother , I don’t think people know how big your fan base is,getter her done

  2. Just ordered a pair of millikens prescription glasses from waterlandco, can not wait to get them in 4-6 weeks! Had to order a regular pair of millikens just so I have something to wear in the mean time!

  3. My buddy Dave greaves got a call from you about his Huddleston swim bait. I told him about you and that I thought you where going to be the next big thing. Hope the bait works out for you. My name is Brenton lute from Yuma AZ. Good luck bud. Love your content.

  4. I just want to thank you again you Mfers and this mf'er.. I purchased a few items from 6th sense before, but ever since I've been watching your videos that's all I've purchased…. I live down here in Ocean springs Mississippi we're all they do is saltwater.. me I'm strictly freshwater bass.. but I got my first 6th sense 6 sack bag in today, and it's the Bates have wanted and couldn't get were provided in the sack thank y'all again and I will forever be a customer and spectator and viewer of the Milliken fishing channel thank you again and good luck to everyone

  5. Ben Gamma line the best on the market. Get ahold of Dale Black from Black Night Industries. He well be glad to work with you! I have his info if you want it.

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