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Giant bass DESTROYS Bullgill Swimbait at my FEET !!

#Giantbass #Swimbait #Bullgill
I caught a giant bass on the Bullgill swimbait. This was one of the coolest catches of the year. I literally watched the bass engulf a 6inch swimbait. I had the right tools for the job!!

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  1. Freaking awesome buddy! Good job. And don’t forget, when you’re watching your bait and you see a big bass come up on it, and then you don’t see your bait, she’s got it! Lmao Bass Fever. No different than seeing a big rack buck in your scope. You get so caught up in the antlers, you forget about your crosshairs. That’s a good experience with a bass.

  2. Excellent job brotha! New subscriber here! Like your style and like your content! Looking forward to more of your videos!! Keep up the good work! Guess if I could ask you one question it would be where all the visibility comes from??? I mean I see fish when they're 10-12 yards away…. but you seem to be able to see them a mile away??? I mean really good polarized glasses??? Or really good family genes?? Lol. Tight lines pal! And see you on the next video! Can't wait! 👍 God bless you and yours! 🙏

  3. NICE!!!!! New subscriber here. Love me a good swimbait channel. Been throwing the 11” bull shad myself. . No luck yet but it will happen. Lost a nice 5-6lber the other day on the deps 250😩😩😩. Keep up,the good work man.

  4. This year I finally put together a swim bait collection. Still haven’t caught one. I think I just need to take the yak out with only one rod and a couple of baits to force myself to commit to throwing them all day. I always end up switching to my confidence baits. Nice bass!

  5. That was a monster, hey u showed patience and throwing it at a different angle was and is an excellent idea! Keep the great videos coming!

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