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In this video, Dad and I are fishing a farm pond, which is FULL of big bass, and tons of giant fish! We are able to sight fish these fish with such ease, and you can see every bite on camera!

All fish were caught using KastKing gear!

Nothing like fishing with family, I hope you agree! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING, PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!


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  1. Pelican Bass Raider. Not sure they make the 8' model anymore but they still make a 10'. I just bought one not long ago and they are a great platform to fish out of. So much better than a kayak as they are so much more stable.

  2. That’s was one heck of a overflow pond. Pretty cool how clear it was. When you can sight fish a big bass that’s just icing on the cake. Definitely makes for great content! You and your Dad look like y’all enjoy fishing together. It’s the same for me and my Dad . We don’t get to go a ton but I love the trips we get to take. We recently went to Branson Mo and rainbow trout fishing. It was a blast.

  3. Get you some thump jell like Andrew nordby uses. You just squeeze it on your lure an they can’t resist. Great video! Always great to do with papa! Cherish these times Tyler!

  4. Me and my dad used to slay the hell out of my grandpas farm ponds in northeast Kansas out of an 8 foot landau Jon boat. We still have it! I caught a 7 lb northern strain bass out of one of his acre farm ponds on a little spinning rod. Your dad was having a blast 👍🏽

  5. Hi Dad! I would fall right out of that boat even if no one was with me.😂😢 I'm always amazed at how many fish are in that place. Makes me wonder what's in the river. Thanks Ty it's always great to see you two together!💪👊

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