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  1. Hey Jimi can you skip backhanded or left handed as good as you can your dominant hand?
    I’d like to be able to cast pitch skip with both hands and backhanded.
    I’ve got some work to be done before I’m ambidextrous with rod n reel.

  2. Would the hover rig work well for skipping since it is an internal weight? Not sure since the line isn't tied directly to the very front…. Can't Express how happy I am to subscribe to this channel!!!

  3. We all start out having a hard time with skipping a bait. It took me years and tens of thousands of casts to be able to skip a bait as accurately and comfortably as I do. When teaching someone, I always start them on a spinning rod. It helps because the mechanics and angles are exactly the same. I find there are always fewer backlashes when making the switch to a baitcaster. Flukes and wacky rigs are best and easiest to skip for a beginner. Before you know it, you'll be skipping a bait with either a spinner or a baitcaster just as easily as you make any other cast.

    Also – Matt is 6' 5" so a 7' 3" rod to him is like a 6'10" to the rest of us, lol! When choosing the right rod, your height matters!

  4. Randy's right everybody hit the dock or pontoon from time to time. There's nothing worse than the sound of hitting a metal pontoon. You know every fish in the area heard it too. About all you can do is fire up the engine and run a couple miles to find some fish that didn't hear it.

  5. Great video. I’ve been wanting to hone my skipping skills. Side question, what sunglasses and color lense are you wearing?

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