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GAMECHANGING Technique for Early Fall Bass Fishing!

Gamechanging technique for early fall bass fishing! Early fall bass fishing can be tough as the fish move around a lot trying to follow the bait and feed up for fall. It can also be tough because early fall bass are usually feeding on small baitfish and there aren’t many baits that can imitate small baitfish. Try this early fall bass fishing technique to catch more fishing this fall!

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  1. Kool vid Nathan, after watching your vid, I purchased the 1/8 oz, 1/4 and 3/8, and I used the 1/8oz today with a tiny fluke in the baitfish color with the tail dyed in chartreuse and I caught a fish today , about a pound, THANKS and I am a subscriber.

  2. Not just "any" spinning rod will work. 7 foot or longer medium light is probably the best action. You can also get more casting distance by going to a 3000 size reel

  3. I keep a 1/8th pulse jig tied on yr round. It has saved my butt i cant tell you how many times. But fall and night time is really awesome. Its so versatile. Tiny flukes, damikis, grubs, tab tails. The action is tight and different than others. Quickest shipping in the country too!

  4. Except for the plastic screen, I use this exact setup for trout and smallmouth at my favorite lake here in Colorado. I definitely need to get some jigs with that shield to see if it increases my bites.

  5. Thanks Nathan. Cool bait, never really messed with that one. Does look like a mini scrounger though. If you get a chance check out a z man bait called a willow vibe, it uses the same type trailers and targets the same fish. It is like a chatterbait on 12 cups of coffee.

  6. You're right, the weight to hook size is unique for this type of head. I wish he had the 3/16 oz with the 3/0 hook available.

    Hopefully, he's using a good quality hook. I placed an order for the 1/8 & 1/4 oz sizes.

    Thank you, great video.

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