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Fun and Easy Fall Fishing Technique To Catch Bass All Day Long

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Kyle’s Information
Kyle Cortiana Fishing:
Great Lake Finesse Drop Minow:
Kistler Helium 7’0 Medium Lite:
Lazer Trokar TK 157 Drop Shot Hook:

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Jimi’s Information
The Fishing Coach:
Core Tackle Hover Rig:
Berkley Maxscent Flatworm:
Roboworm straight tail finesse worm 7 inch:
Zoom Magnum finesse worm:
Denali Kovert LT Spinning Rod:
Denali AttaX Spinning Rod:
Denali Fission 3000 Spinning Reel:

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Use code “JE15” to save at Waterland:
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6th Sense Fishing Panaroma Shad:

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Intuitive Angling With Randy Blaukat:
Fishing Teacher With Randy Blaukat:
Jewel Spider Jig Head:
Zoom lil Critter Craw:

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  1. Would live to see less intrusive advertising from your coffee company. The long ad makes me want to turn off your video. I know you need sponsors, just try lower the time allocated.

  2. What is the exact model Spider Jig is Randy referring too? I do not see that particular model on TW or on Jewell Baits website. Perhaps in future video provided the exact links for the recommended baits and also do not forget to include the sizes and weight of each recommended baits either. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Love this channel!! Solid fishing information from great guys.

    Would love to purchase a t-shirt with the logo. Consider printing on manly colors – Navy Blue, Army Green, or a Heather Grey.

  4. I almost exclusively use Spinning rig. So The Hover Rig and the Tush Rig I have added to my arsenal. I have caught fish that others have went past the areas power fishing.

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