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Front Range Bass Fishing in Colorado 2023

In this video we get out and do some front range bass fishing here in Colorado. We hit several different bodies of water and also catch bass on several different presentations, as always I hope you all enjoy this video and consider subscribing to the channel where we post great new content each month.
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  1. You should make a video about the decent spots in northern Colorado. I’m new to fishing in Colorado and I just can’t seem to find any decent spots around me (Greeley).

  2. Hey bro, need some help! Please check your comments from your catfishing video…
    Need some love on finding a local source for frozen shad..
    Thanks for all your hard work and great videos! Your a great inspiration for my local pond catfishing here in the Foco area! Its a highly overlooked resource here in Norco…

  3. Yo bro. We should link up sometime and fish. I live in Foco. I know some really good spots where you can get some good content.
    P.S. thanks for turning me on to the Yoto Worm that thing slays bass.

  4. I felt that video, bro…. that intro spoke to my heart….LOL Glad it's starting to pick up! I was wondering why so many ppl showed up at the spot…. Mikey's got a new video🤣👊

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