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In this bass fishing video I throw a topwater frog only in a fishing tournament and catch some big bass! Topwater frog fishing has to be one of my favorite ways to catch big bass! I decided to challenge myself in this bass fishing tournament and only allow myself to fish with a frog! The fishing tournament videos have been so much fun to film and edit so I hope y’all enjoy! Do you like fishing tournaments? Have you ever fished a bass fishing tournament? Do you like frog fishing? Have you ever gone frog fishing? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / frog fishing videos. Also let me know if you like the tournament fishing videos / topwater fishing videos. Now lets go frog fishing in this bass fishing tournament!

Lews X KTBTv Combos –

Big Bass Energy –

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Karen Video –

Double Digit Bass Video –

Last Frog Fishing Video –

Another Frog Fishing Video –

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  1. I can’t stop with the frogs! I challenged myself today fishing with only a frog in a tournament and the results were surprising 🔥 Please hit the LIKE button if you enjoyed 🙌🏼

  2. I watch a ton of fishing videos and I do a ton of fishing myself I’m left handed so I cast with my left and reel with my right seems like everyone casts with there right switches hands with the rod to reel with there right doesn’t make sense to me?

  3. Great video Guys I know Tournament Fishing is fast paced but give that Guy a second to engulf that Frog slow it down a little lol I've been fishing for 40 years and actually have slowed down and with Frogs it's a benefit sometimes. Stay Safe Guys Semper Fidelis

  4. What’s up Noah love the tournament videos just got into bass fishing after 10 years of not fishing at all bc of your and norm and lojo I got a similar combo by lews but gonna pick up one of yours soon just for your logo on it I’ve yet to catch anything on the frog 🐸 but just started bass fishing so I know it’s coming but yea keep posting tournaments I love ‘em and keep grindin brotha✊🏼✊🏼

  5. Do you always use a bait after when throwing a frog? When I use a spinning real after I pop the frog and real in the slack all of the line I just threw out is loose on my real. Therefore causing knots in my line when I cast out again. Please help. Thank you Noah!

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