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In this bass fishing video we go frog fishing at this tiny creek and catch huge bass! Frog fishing for bass is by far my favorite type of …


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  1. Are you throwing braid to floro leader in this video how long of leader I've been throwing my frog on straight braid cause usually it's in thick cover and want to crank em out just curious as to your set up

  2. Best video you have ever put out. There was no 10 minute long talking intro, there was a lure in the water within 2 and a 1/2 minutes. I enjoy your advice and talking but I would like it while you fish so that we can see it works and see you applying it rather than 3/4 of the video talking.

  3. I have fished amberjack off the fl keys many years ago and they are no joke, like bringing a car up from bottom of the ocean. I love this video. I am up here in central florida

  4. You guys worry too much about brand of equipment. Get a rod and reel and just go fish. Obviously, Lews equipment catches fish too just like “13”. Get what you like and wet a hook!

  5. Can we get a Lojo, FishinwithNorm and kickintheirbasstv with special guest they choose vs Apbassin, Lunkers, Jon B and Flair in an epic tournament battle!?? Now that is a video i would like to see, no wierd rules just MLF style format, timed and loser has to do something crazy! That would be awesome!

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