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Frog Fishing Largemouth Bass

I find a school of bass feeding along some cattails and go to town on them with a Live Target Frog!


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  1. That is the kind of day that makes you forget all the tough days, and keeps you casting when all the other guys have quit. Was great to watch and makes me wanna go froggin! It is a shame our Aussie Bass don't get as big as yours, but they are just as aggressive when they are in the mood.

  2. The water up in the north west are so pristine they look un touched and very lightly pressured I wish I lived in that area i live in shitty congested new jersey home to pressured lakes and people that abuse the ecosystem by taking buckets of fish. They just dont understand that by depleting small lakes of fish they cannot recover like big lakes can. It's a big problem here. Anyway i enjoy ur videos keep up the good work.

  3. You are so blessed to always catch that many fish I live in AZ sometimes get 4 fish in a day and feel that it was great fish all day in 104 degrees and up all day in my kayak Cheers!! :))

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