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Frog Fishing for Bedding Bass | Tactics and Gear

Frog fishing during the bass spawn can produce excellent results. Professional bass angler Kelly Jordan guides us through the essential techniques and equipment needed for successful spring frog fishing and tips for locating the best spots for finding big bass.

TACKLE USED (retail links)
• FROG – SPRO Dean Rojas Bronzeye 65, color – Midnight Walker:
• ROD – Duckett Pro Series Casting Rod, 7′ Medium and Medium Heavy:
• REEL – Duckett Paradigm Casting Reel:

Jordan’s frog fishing tips for spawning bass:

1. Overcast conditions and sight fishing
Overcast conditions may not be ideal for sight fishing, but they improve the frog bite. Sunny conditions can help anglers spot fish and predict their locations, but cloudy conditions cause bass to roam more, making them easier to catch when casting around.

2. Choosing the right frog. There are two main types of hollow-body frogs: the walking frog and the popping frog. The walking frog is more subtle, while the popping frog generates more noise. Both lures can walk the dog effectively, but the subtle walking frog is often more successful when targeting spawning bass, especially pressured fish. 

3. Covering water with a frog
Make long casts, move quickly, and pause when you see a small opening or hole. Frogs are more versatile than people often think and can cover water quickly and effectively.

4. Fishing in different environments
Bass spawn in various environments, such as reed and cane lines and around matted vegetation. Jordan is always looking for holes in the cover where bass might be hiding and targets these areas with his frog. Be patient and fish methodically, working the frog through different sections and allowing bass to find and bite the lure.

5. Equipment for frog fishing
It’s crucial to have the right equipment for frog fishing in heavy cover. A good frog rod provides a strong backbone and a soft tip to work the bait effectively. A high-speed reel helps to retrieve the lure quickly, making more casts in less time. Finally, Jordan uses a 50-pound straight braid for frog fishing – it has the strength to handle pulling bass out of heavy cover without negatively impacting bait action.

Frog fishing during the spawn can be an exciting and rewarding experience. You can significantly improve your catch rate by understanding the impact of weather conditions, selecting the right frog, and using the proper equipment and techniques. 

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  1. Weird fact I like to throw my frog on the bank as close to the water and work it from there just to have fun 😂 makes it look like it s coming from land

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