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Forward Facing Sonar Is Contributing To The Closing Down Of American Tackle Shops

Randy talks about the impact forward facing Sonar is having on America’s tackle shops…#bassfishing #bass #angler #fishing #tackleshop #livescope

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  1. If the older pro's had shared what they had learned with the general public, live scope's appeal would have been mitigated. On the other hand, I don't know anyone fishing with livescope aside of well funded pro's. It took me years to learn how to properly use and present tackle, and where to use it, because the pro's refused to promote fishing outside of some crappy lures with their names on it. Where are the books, where are the informative television shows? I never learned a damn thing from Dance, Martin or any of the rest of them. You want to sell tackle? Do substantial and informative videos. Bass Pro Shops can keep their useless 10 foot anchor arms and LiveScopes. My friends use Carolina rigs and get by just fine.

  2. As much as i hate ffs I think online sales have hurt tackle stores more than anything. I'm as guilty as anybody its just to convenient, and usually cheaper to order off the internet. I need to make better effort to hit my local shops honestly

  3. About livescope. I grew up Minnesota and spent many years Ice fishing I started ice fishing long before the Vexlar FL8 portable fish locators got popular. Reason they worked. And people that couldn’t afford them yet complained. ((. Drop transducer in the hole drop your bait. See bait see fish. See fish come to your bait. Catch fish )). That being said everyone said that was the end of fish in Minnesota. Well that’s been 30 years ago. But what did happen it’s had to force Minnesota DNR. To reduce limits on pan fish and regulate some lakes. The ice fishing industry is still huge just saying. I see it is Iff people still intend to use it in those southern states than start getting ready for stiffer regulations. Limits to panfishing. Because that’s what’s going to need to happen. Nice day

  4. FFS is not the reason. Mom and pop stores are being bought out by big corporate companies. To try and blame it on FFS with no data to back it up. Is right on par with how you do things.

  5. If I could afford FFS Id have one. The lakes I fish in southwest Ohio are small and beaten tom death in the summer months by tournaments every weekend. Ohio will stock Saugeye, Walleye and Muskie but they say Largemouth don't need to be. I wish I could afford one but I cant spare $4000.

  6. I’m sorry. I loved your instructional videos BUT I’ve had enough of the constant negativity on your channel. Technology is changing the sport and complaining about it in every video won’t do anything but make you lose subscribers. Sorry. I’m out.

  7. Jesus Christ. This channel is 100% a parody channel. It's all hyperbole clickbait. Only reason people watch now if for comic relief. Way to ruin your integrity, one video at a time.

  8. This can’t be forreal?? Can’t be that Cabelas or BPS has taken over the game? Cant be that sitting in the couch and ordering online is the biggest retail store ever? Cmon Randy. This is outrageous

  9. Randy? Cmon man you are way off on this one lol. Tackle stores sell fishing stuff but ( bass only ). You also promote a huge online store vs your local shop? Any lure can be used in a FFS scenario not just your so called weenie worms. Your outta bounds on this one IMO.

  10. 😂 This is the most ridiculous video you’ve made yet. Surely it could not be large companies with massive buying power getting a better deal on baits versus the small buyer (relative). Or maybe the economy sucks.

    Your topics have really gone off the deep end. Are you now going to boycott your TW deal for your affiliate links to help save the local tackle shop? I know your answer already.

    Go back to your fishing stories and techniques. Your channel was much better then.

  11. What hurts the mom n pops more than anything is all you morons who voted for Joe Biden. People today don’t have the extra money to go out and spend on fishing gear like they did a few years ago. Household necessities and family come first. Has nothing to do with livescope or anything. We are far worse off now than we were under Trump who had this economy booming.

    Full Disclosure: I’m neither a republican or a democrat. I hate politics.

  12. Don't need it never will what I learned as a kid growing up in Oklahoma from my dad and family is all I need,it's so much more than just catching fish,it's cheating you can pat yourself on the back but your a average Fishman that cheats

  13. FFS is the end of sportfishing. Proponents of it simply are not seeing the larger picture. It's commercial fishing gone viral on our lakes and bays. Two years and the fish stocks will be at record low levels.

  14. Wal-mart was a big hit to the small tackle shops. I found one nearby I didn't know about and checked it out, found some cool old lures, but they're wanting to get out too. I miss the small tackle shops. I used to love going into them but now they're all gone.

  15. Sorry randy, always a fan of yours, but you need to practice what you preach. You can’t sit here and talk about this topic when you support and endorse tackle warehouse!!! Online tackle shops are part of the problem and tackle warehouse is probably the biggest one.

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