Foolproof Summer Tactics That Always Catch Bass!

Summer fishing can be difficult but these 5 patterns consistently produce big bass!

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I was born and raised in Chicago, but after working 12 years in the financial Industry regulating the futures and options markets at the CME/CBOT I decided to pursue my passion fishing professional tournaments and left my full time corporate job. At that point, I moved to Junction City, WI with my wife Sara and two boys Hank and Duke. I’ve been fishing professionally since 2011 and full-time since 2015. I’ve qualified for seven MLF Championships and won over a half million in tournament winnings at the professional level.


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  1. Man I would definitely get the membership but I’m Southeast Texas. I definitely get some good pointers from you but it’s often months behind where the fish are at in my area.

  2. I really like that info about creek water coming into a lake and that water bring cooler

    One thing I really like doing is taking a shakey head 5/16 , 7/16 or 3/8. And putting a worm on it and keep my rod tip pointed down and slowly reel causing the bait to drag along the bottom. I don’t pop it or hop the bait a berkley pit boss is a great bait also or a sneaky 90 mm berkley gilly
    It works well deep or shallow and black or bubble gum are my colors of choice. Unless the water is really clear I’ll go with a version of green pumpkin
    Or pumpkin seed

  3. Your videos are primarily geared to fishing lakes. Could prepare river specific videos for summer time fishing in shallow rivers with a depth of 12 ft or less?

  4. Matt, down in Florida water temps are now in the upper 80s and bass are getting very lethargic. I see them suspended on my sonar at 10-15 feet below the surface but often in 20-30 feet of water. The fish appear to be too lethargic to chase crankbaits and I have tried various finesse tactics with little success lately. The suspended fish won’t hit a drop shot, Neko or Ned rig as they are too high in the water column. My only luck has been on a 1/16 oz wacky rigged senko lately but I have fished for hours just to get one bass to commit. I have tried the Hover stroller but it sinks too fast I think to get a bite. Also tried lipless cranks and square bills along with frogs and other topwater baits in the early morning and evening. I should add that I live on a 2 acre pond that is very much like a long bowl shape. The water drops off fairly quickly along the shore to 25-30 feet. The south side of the pond though has two deep pits that drop to 45 and 50 feet respectively but I have never seen and fish in those deep pits but I do see them suspended over those pits but again suspended and too lethargic to chase anything. Any advice?

  5. Matt, what are your thoughts on putting red treble hooks on crankbaits? Does it make a difference? Can it turn fish off? Is there a specific time or condition that this can produce better results?

  6. What state do you fish out of? I’m also up north (NY) so I’m an even bigger fan of your channel when you said you’re up north with similar bass seasons.

  7. Matt. Man, you got the mojo. This is exactly the video I was looking for it. I was killing it last month and the previous month up here in northern Illinois with Texas Riggs, floating worms and senkos. June, however, has been painful. I’ve been skunked several times. I even walked around the entire Lake were I normally catch big bass. But no luck. Looking forward to your Jedi expertise.

  8. “Enjoying warmer weather” 🥵🫠 We’re in the triple digits everyday here in Texas and I don’t use AC in my home and don’t even have it in my truck. My AC will run constantly even set at 80 in my mobile home. When it’s this hot it’ll never get to 80 so I just don’t even run it.

  9. Night Fishing (subsurface summer):
    I use high profile swimbaits or creatures, like the Gilly Shad or Bellows Gill, on bladed jig heads no more than 3/8 oz. The higher profile bait has a larger silhouette and makes a larger visual target. The blade provides the sound, vibration, and action for bass to locate from a distance. The lighter jig head allows you to keep the rig closer to the surface while using a slower steady retrieve, making it easier to track from below and where there is more light penetration.
    Using scent or scented baits also adds that extra poke to coax them into committing.
    Bass also recognize the surface as being a wall bait fish can't get around.
    The combination of all the factors in this rig and presentation, I just explained, makes it a "go to" for me whenever fishing at night in the summer.

  10. We all know that bass like to setup off main lake points in the summer. But if you have a main lake point with a saddle or a hump, those bass will position themselves on the backside of that hump on the deeper water side. If there is mixing current coming from the sides of that point and converging as well, then that can be a super productive spot all summer long. And a lot of those types of places can easily be accessed from the bank, at least in my area they can be!

  11. Hey Matt, I caught five smallies out of my kayak two days ago, I live in Woodstock Ontario Canada. I blew up the pictures to show my wife, we noticed worms clinging to all their gills, tiny tan worms with black dots, have you seen this before?

  12. In my part of NC near Lake Norman it's just starting to really be hot. But I'm from Florida and my idea of hot is different than the locals.
    Last time I went to Lake Norman there was some kind of little fish schooling out away from the bank. It looked like it was raining on the surface with little swirls. In the saltwater that's always some kind of bait. Do shad do that?

  13. You pretty much covered it Matt. I catch a lot of bass around stripers this time of year. I believe some schools of bass follow them around. This has been a consistent pattern for me over the years.👍👍👍👍👍

  14. Deep weed lines and docks in the early morning or low light conditions are my favorite . For some reason my post don't go through and I don't think I've ever said anything to be censored for.

  15. 🍺MLF BPT group “B” picks ended up 1st,4th, and 8th but I lost Ebare. He started the day in 6th but lost his big motor 🤬and only had a trolling motor all day on big water. He just drifted ( Only caught 3). Lost his entire season (AOY) in 8 hours🫣. I predicted Shuffield and KVD would surprise people KVD had a 20lb bag and a tournament big bass today(6.2 lb smalley)🤠. So 7 of my picks go to knockouts.

  16. Nice video as usual… Will you be attending icast in Orlando? I will be there for the opening media event and voting in the new product showcase I may be there at least one of the days of the show and I would like to meet you… Hope to hear from you I enjoy your videos

  17. Summertime fishing the last two mornings on the upper Potomac has been tough. The smallmouth are in their summer haunts. Two 4 lb class smallies went by me today on boogie boards behind a ski Nautique. 😂 Seriously, the boat traffic is nasty. Topwater for me. Some are in the deep water on the shady banks along the C/O canal. I find some others, usually smaller fish, in the up river part in the shallow rocky area. Crankbaits, jerkbaits, grubs on the hover rig. Some topwater but not as good as in the deeper water. Next time you go, they are either gone or not biting. Frustrating but that's smallmouth fishing. Here today gone tomorrow.

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