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Fly Fishing For Bass with MASSIVE FLIES!! (Underwater Footage)

Today we go FLY FISHING for BASS with massive flies (BIG GAME CHANGERS) and show the swimming action of the bait with Underwater Footage, we also match our FLY ROD Personal Best with a big fish on the Game Changer + we showcase new gear!! We received a full 5wt and 8wt outfit (fly rod & fly reel) from Seaborn Outfitters, a new TX based fly company that we introduce for its channel debut in todays episode.

Chase Smiths Instagram: Fish Chase Flies
To purchase one of Chase’ hand tied Game Changers, check his Website:

Seaborn Outfitters Instagram:

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  1. Great video…out here in Oregon on the Columbia River we have superb smallmouth bass fishing and I have a buddy who is a bass ninja and he always says…”just because they are called smallmouth doesn’t mean they don’t eat!”…they crush huge flies and top water lures, even 10” long…pretty sure that fly would work on the smallies as well!

  2. Instant sub first video I watch from you and man was it good I'm getting into flyfishing and getting my 5, 7, 8 back into the water and the content and early catch on a new set up was killer keep it up thank you for sharing

  3. Some of those small lakes may not have a lot of fish, but they are all big. There was a lake like that in Virginia where I grew up. Loads of panfish and a few giant bass. Every one I caught was in the 6 to 10 lbs. range.

  4. Who cares if you know what your doing or not, we are all out there because we share a common love for fishing.
    Stop bashing others for their styles or lack of knowledge and instead help educate your fellow man and women to help better us as a society in whole!
    Keep up the good videos bud!

  5. I’m about to go fly fishing and it seems so much fun you are definitely the best fly fishing YouTuber all the other ones are too serious your a lot more fun and exciting to watch 🔥 🔥 🔥

  6. Awesome video! I subscribed. I live in Fredericksburg, 20 miles from Chase. Really great guy. He got me into tying Game Changers..and it has literally been a game changer! I’ve caught some huge bass on them up to 8lbs. Will catch bigger..if I can just put it in front of them.😅 Have a great one! Best wishes for Big fishes! 👍👍🎣

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