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Fishing With A GIANT $160 Japanese Swimbait (DRT Klash)

Today I bought a $160 giant JDM swimbait! One of the most popular swimbait brands the drt klash. Is it worth $160? Today we find out!

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  1. Great video Logan 💥💥🇺🇸🇺🇸 I probably wouldn't buy something that expensive but I would try one 👍 never know how that would be 😂

  2. when u put the k9 in glide mode same thing with tiny klash u have to flip the tail over. So its facing down or it won't glide correctly also some weight boards near the front hook hanger in front of it helps make the bait glide better. You can also flip it with the lip in and u will get a tighter action and less roll and the bait will go a bit deeper. I would recommend getting the new Transfer tail for the k9 it allows u to swim the bait without the lip like straight retrieve the bait. An the bait will swim in a s motion pretty nicely good for burn and stop retrieves. There is also a G guard u can buy that allows u to put a weed guard in the lip. Which keeps u from snagging the bait in any wood and u can literally glide that bait in wood no problem.

  3. Dang bro 160.00bucks dang your gonna hate getting snagged with that one lol. I'd leave the bill on it just for that reason. I know with crank baits a lot of times that bill bounces off of stuff and keeps it from snagging. Thanks for the video bro and you forgot your net again lmao.

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