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Fishing w/ SNAKES & RATS in SMALL Ponds!

In this bass fishing video we go fishing with snakes and rats in small ponds! I’ve only fished with these snakes and rats a few times but we’ve had quite a bit of luck! Have you ever went fishing with a rat? Have you ever been fishing with a snake? Do you like the rat lure fishing videos? Do you like the snake lure fishing videos? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / pond fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on the small pond fishing videos / snake fishing videos. Now lets go fishing with snakes and rats in small ponds!

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  1. I know Fletcher was getting pissed off with you casting in front of him lmao. Does anyone else wonder how a bass digests stuff like turtle shells and venom?

  2. If only you knew how to really fish the rat n snake……hint bass can't resist injured prey……I have casts that take 5 min to reel in

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