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Fishing w/ MASSIVE Swimbait in a TROPHY Bass Lake!! ( topwater explosion )

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Hopefully, a big bass will find this irresistible… 馃く馃く馃く

#massiveswimbait #bigbass #trophybasslake


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  1. As someone who has hated fishing my whole life this group has made me feel so excited about getting my first combo soon and go fishing. Also already ordered 3 Googan hats and I鈥檓 ready to cast like no other!

  2. My grandfather ran a state here in Louisiana and caught a 8+ on a shiner with a cane pole. He never fished modern rod and reel and he caught more fish than anyone I ever seen. From bass to crappie to brim. I鈥檓 gonna go with the shiner before I even watch this vid.

  3. I just have to share this with you brother when I was in my teenage years I used to sneak in the Foxfire Golf Course they would be Puttin balls and I would be catching big Lunker's

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