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Fishing w/ LIVE BAIT for BIG BASS!

BIG BASS love LIVE BAIT so today I went and did some pond fishing using a live bluegill and we caught some GIANT bass! It was SO MUCH fun doing some good ol’ pond bass fishing with live bait and I will be back soon to catch more giant bass in the pond!

Fishing w/ LIVE BAIT for Spillway MONSTERS

ULTIMATE Live Bait Fishing Challenge (Worm, Bluegill, Snake)


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  1. Ok so it makes me so mad that these bass are so chill for them but when I go out myself the spaz out like people on the grimace birthday shake

  2. You couldn't pay me to go out in a john boat without a anchor lol! Great video bro! Makes me wanna go out and fish like I use to with my paw paw!

  3. Look, how calm the second fish was when he weighed it on the scale. The ones I catch would never keep still, they’re not that big either though (my fish).

  4. wow i didn't know you can use bluegils for bait most of the time my dad and me use jigs and fake worms to catch bluegils and crappies and bass some of the large and small mouth bass with the white bass can put up a fight but other times the northerns and other fish put up a better fight but good video keep up the work and maybe you can get another giant bass get it mounted on the wall

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